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Abronye DC, who’s NPP’s Bono Regional chairman says former President John Mahama’s monthly salary is the reason why Ghana’s debt keep rising.

Speaking on Wontumi FM, he said:

“John Mahama collects GH¢30,000 every month yet he doesn’t pay taxes. His labourers who are three in number take GH¢18,000 each every month and there are 5 others at his office who take GH¢7,000 every month,” he was quoted by Ghanaweb.

He called on the NDC leader to give up on his salary if he cares so much about the rising debt.

“You instituted it for yourself before leaving office and nobody can change it. The states spend GH¢100,000 on you every month and a year is GH¢1.2 million. If you multiply it by four years that is GH¢4.6 million.

Count the number of children that amount can take through secondary school. If NDC members want to talk about the national debt they should include the GH¢100,000 John Mahama receives every month and ask him to stop taking it so the national debt will decline,” he added.

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