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The hilarious video of how a man had to swiftly take cover because his girlfriend had captured him on camera washing her panties has got social media cracking up.

Generally, people tend to work themselves up over certain societal standards, and this gentleman is the latest to face ridicule over these needless norms.

A young man has defied the idea that men aren’t supposed to wash for their female partners; especially their underwear.

In the video, a lady, dressed in a green dashiki, flaunted her romantic boyfriend who didn’t mind washing her clothes.

The lady, probably impressed by her boyfriend’s willingness to practically do anything for her, decided to capture the moment on camera.

She recorded herself with a broad smile on her face and then turned the 

camera in her boyfriend’s direction.

Unaware that he was being recorded, the guy was heard asking her lady if the panty he was washing was a G-string or not.


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