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Shatta Wale is out with a new song titled ‘1 Don’.

It’s a dancehall tune and I must admit that hearing the song will get you nodding your head.

This is another proof of the dancehall musician’s versatility — how he switches from one music genre to another, yet, he does so well in all fields.

However, there was a disappointing part of the ‘1 Don’ song and that’s its music video.

Our African Dancehall King has refused to give us the ‘kingship’ kind of videos as he still shoots videos that look as if it was shot with a Tecno android phone.

His music videos are also getting boring as we keep seeing the same faces all the time. They’re normally filled with his so-called militants and watching them over and over again is becoming loathsome.

Shatta Wale’s music videos scenes and concepts are also becoming monotonous. It’s always about him walking and singing to the camera, he together with his boys drinking whisky or storm energy drinks and showing them off or a couple of girls whining around him.

Check out the video

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